Funding Support

Strong institutional support for research

Dalhousie Medical School researchers have access to many funding programs offered within the academic health sciences network “family,” including the Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation, the Nova Scotia Health Authority Research Fund, the IWK Research Fund, Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation and the Brain Repair Centre.

Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation dedicated to funding Dalhousie Medical School research

Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation (DMRF) was incorporated in 1979 for the sole purpose of raising money to support research at Dalhousie Medical School. Since that time, the foundation has built an endowment of more than $60 million and provided crucial funds to launch the Beatrice Hunter Cancer Institute and establish the Life Sciences Research Institute, the Optic Nerve and Retina Lab, the Zebrafish Core Facility and many other vital research facilities.

Its annual Molly Appeal supports strategic priorities in the medical school’s four key areas of research (cancer, neuroscience, cardiovascular, inflammation/ infection/immunity). The DMRF funds individual researchers through capital equipment grants, new investigator awards, endowed chairs and its unique “Adopt-a-Researcher” program. At the same time, DMRF offers undergraduate and graduate studentships, postgraduate fellowships and numerous other research awards for trainees. Learn more about Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation.

Dalhousie Office of Research Services

Dalhousie Office of Research Services provides researchers from all faculties with advice and assistance to help them prepare more competitive funding applications. They also help connect researchers to available funding sources. Learn more about Dalhousie Office of Research Services.

Nova Scotia Health Authority Research Fund

Dalhousie Medical School researchers may be eligible for grants through the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) Research Fund. This runs two grant competitions every year, providing several levels of grants to trainees, novice researchers, NSHA staff members and new researchers with matching funds. NSHA offers various other forms of support for local researchers. Learn more about NSHA Research Fund.

IWK Research Fund

Dalhousie Medical School researchers may be eligible for grants through the IWK Research Fund. The IWK Health Centre provides an array of grants and other funding awards each year, to trainees and up-and-coming new researchers, as well as more established researchers. Learn more about IWK Research Fund.

Translating Research into Care (TRIC) Grants

Dalhousie Medical School researchers may be eligible for Translating Research into Care grants, which provide various degrees of funding for researcher-administrator teams brought together to address practical issues in health care delivery. The IWK and QEII Foundations provide the funds for these grants, which are awarded through two competitions each year. Learn more about the IWK and QEII Foundation Translating Research Into Care Grants.

Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation

The Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation (SJRHF) is a community-based charitable organization that aims to enhance health care for all New Brunswickers by supporting projects that are beyond the scope of government funding. The SJRHF directs its support to: advanced medical equipment and technology, research and education, and community mental health initiatives in New Brunswick. Donors contribute approximately $3.5 million annually to support excellence and innovation in all areas of health care at the Saint John Regional Hospital. Learn more about the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation.

Brain Repair Centre

The Brain Repair Centre offers knowledge translation grants to researchers who have innovative ideas with strong commercial potential. The also provide “research, dissemination and commercialization” grants to help Dalhousie neuroscience researchers organize and host major scientific conferences in Halifax. Learn more about the Brain Repair Centre.