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Strategic Plan and Annual Reports

DMNB looking forward

Each year Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick (DMNB) develops a strategic plan to guide our growth and development in achieving our vision:

Providing an innovative but comparable education experience across the continuum of medical education which meets or exceeds accreditation standards and is socially accountable while being fully integrated into New Brunswick communities. The academic program will be supported by collaborative biomedical, clinical and educational research activities.

Strategic plans and reports

Our strategic plan and reports are available as PDF documents, and outline DMNB's key goals and objectives.

2016-2017 Annual Report [PDF - 3MB]

2015-2016 Annual Report [PDF - 2.2MB]

2014-2015 Strategic Plan [PDF - 221kB]
2014-2015 Annual Report [PDF - 4.0MB]

2013-2014 Strategic Plan [PDF - 220kB]
2013-2014 Annual Report [PDF - 3.9MB]

2012-2013 Strategic Plan [PDF - 127kB]
2012-2013 Annual Report [PDF - 4.1MB]

2011-2012 Strategic Plan [PDF - 419kB]
2011-2012 Annual Report [PDF - 4.7MB]

2010-2011 Strategic Plan [PDF - 445kB]
2010-2011 Annual Report [PDF - 3.2MB]


Over the last years, we have accomplished a number of significant milestones including:

  • Developing research facilities at DMNB
  • Implementing a new model of clerkship, the Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship Dalhousie (LICD), in Miramichi
  • Recruiting, training and supporting new faculty
  • Developing relationships between DMNB and the communities it serves