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Volunteer Opportunities

Helping medical students learn clinical and communication skills

Horizon Health Network and Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick (DMNB) have joined forces to create the Volunteer Patient Program.

At Dalhousie Medical School, we believe that students can’t learn from books alone.

You can help – become a volunteer patient

Medical students from DMNB will be learning from experienced physician-tutors, and we need volunteer patients to help future physicians learn and practice their communication and non-invasive physical examination skills in a safe, positive environment.

As a volunteer patient, you will play an essential role in the training of our next generation of physicians.

Program participation

A pair of students will take your medical history and/or perform a non-invasive physical examination under the guidance of their physician-tutors. The students will be learning the correct techniques and approaches for these skills. There is no preparation – you just have to show up at the appointed time.

Options for volunteer patients

As a volunteer patient, you can help train doctors in the following ways:

  • Being interviewed        
  • Having your medical history taken
  • Non-invasive physical examinations

You can participate in this program whether you are completely healthy or if you have some pre-existing medical conditions. However, these sessions are strictly for the education of students. While we hope you find them interesting and educational, you will not have your medical needs attended to during these sessions.

Time commitment

Sessions are for two hours on both Tuesday & Thursday mornings throughout the year. You can volunteer for as many sessions as your time will allow.

Contact us today

Stephanie Rutherford                       
Simulated Patient Educator
Tel: 506-636-6264
Email: stephanie.rutherford@dal.ca