Research Education and Training Opportunities

Graduate Education

We partner with Acadia University to offer a Master of Education Degree for Health Interprofessionals with a Concentration in Curriculum. 

For more information on this program please visit the Acadia webpage for Master of Education in Curriculum Studies for Health Interprofessionals


Current Graduate Students

  • Hanan Alyafie (Primary supervisor) - PhD Health
  • Heather Hobson (Primary supervisor) - Interdisciplinary PhD
  • Hilary Ferguson - Interdisciplinary PhD
  • Robin Parker - Interdisciplinary PhD
  • Margaret Garnier - Tri University PhD in Education
  • Elissa cohen - Tri University PhD in Education
  • Olga Kits - Leslie Dan School of Pharmacy
  • Ali Alkhawaji - Interdisciplinary PhD
  • Alma Wade (Primary supervisor) - Acadia Interprofessional Master's Degree


Interested in learning more about medical education research?  We can help!

Whether it's a custom worskhop for your group or advice on how to explore a medical education-related topic in a scholarly way, we can support you to meet your research goals.