How to Apply

Do you have what we're looking for?

At the Department of Family Medicine, we are looking for applicants with:

  • Solid people skills
  • Varied life experiences
  • Admirable work ethic
  • Reasonable academic background

We want people who demonstrate:

  • A commitment to family medicine
  • Are comfortable with self-directed learning
  • Value teamwork
  • Have an interest in appropriately balancing personal, family, community and professional life.

You'll find application information for positions at Dalhousie University on the Canadian Resident Matching Service website, CaRMS. All requirements for our program are indicated on this website.

Details around our information sessions and interview dates can be found on our postgraduate events page. You can view a recording of our Information Session Presentation.

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Residency Training

Orientation to your residency training begins on July. Your program/site will have a variety of orientation activities planned. Please contact your site administrator for more details. 

For details concerning current stipends or benefits (sick leave, etc.), please refer to the Maritime Resident Doctors website. 

All positions in the Dalhousie Family Medicine Residency Training Program are filled annually through CaRMs. Transfer applications are considered only if there is capacity available at our sites and is reviewed on a bi-annual basis.

The CaRMS match occurs in two iterations:

First iteration

The first iteration will include two parallel streams. You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada to apply to either stream.

One stream will be for Canadian medical school graduates who have not had previous post-MD or clinical training.  

The second stream will be open to international medical graduates who have not had previous Canadian post-MD or clinical training. There will be one position available in six of our teaching sites: Annapolis Valley, Cape Breton, Halifax, Moncton, PEI, and Saint John. All international medical graduates will be required to sign a return of service contract with the Ministry of Health for either the province of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, or Prince Edward Island in family medicine.  Please view the Return for Service information on the PGME website as well as criteria found on the CaRMs criteria website page.

Second iteration

The second iteration is open to all Canadian Medical Graduates who do not match in the first iteration, applicants with previous Canadian postgraduate medical training and international medical school graduates who have participated in Dalhousie Family Medicine’s first iteration MMI .

Those applicants in the second iteration who are accepted to unfilled first iteration IMG positions will be required to sign a return of service contract with the Ministry of Health for the province of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island in family medicine.