Vision & Goals

Building healthier communities

The Department of Family Medicine is committed to improving the health of Maritimers by promoting our program throughout the undergraduate medical education program.

Our mission is to strive for excellence in teaching, using creative and innovative programs to build an educational foundation for those interested in family medicine. We celebrate the collaborative aspects of practice and encourage lifelong learning, emphasizing the importance of continuity of care and the doctor-patient relationship.

We strive to role model patient-centred clinical care, meeting the needs of our patients and our communities. Our faculty embrace the responsibility to teach the principles of family medicine and the role of the family physician in primary care. We undertake research relevant to these goals.

Our goal is to actively promote a diversity of training experiences to medical students, to foster an understanding of the need to address community needs across a range of clinical settings, especially small towns and rural communities.

We also strive to provide well-prepared graduates and to instill in students an appreciation for the role of family physicians in the ongoing primary care of all patients.