Undergraduate Education

Dermatology in the MD Program

As a Dalhousie medical student, you’ll learn from outstanding clinicians and teachers, while benefitting from a learning environment with plenty of one-on-one teaching and mentoring. And as you advance through your education, you’ll always be considered a part of the dermatology team.

Program details

Med 1: You’ll receive 15 weeks (three hours per week) of clinical skills teaching in dermatology.

Med 2: You’ll attend a series of 12 formal lectures in dermatology, and you’ll be exposed to simulated cases. These opportunities give you a chance to practice histories and physicals in a quiet, non-intimidating environment. During this year, you’ll also be offered an extra six hours that can be used for formal lectures, cases or for in-depth review of a specific topic.

Med 3 and Med 4: You’ll have the option to participate in elective rotations. At any point in the undergraduate program, you can also request an elective with a particular staff dermatologist, but space is limited.

Elective rotations

Three- and four-week elective rotations are available for clinical clerks and residents in family medicine, internal medicine, pathology and plastic surgery.

During your rotation, you’ll receive the following:

  • dermatology academic half-day
  • weekly clinical dermatology seminar
  • 7-8 teaching clinics per week
  • exposure to dermatology subspecialty clinics, including three pediatric dermatology clinics per week
  • consultation experience under supervision
  • weekly one-hour teaching session with chief resident

We now accept medical students and other rotating learners for two-week electives. During this period, you’ll be scheduled to attend at least seven general or subspecialty clinics per week, see hospitalized patients with significant skin problems, and attend a variety of scheduled and impromptu teaching sessions.


Dr. Peter Green, undergraduate program director
Email: hyen.rosen@nshealth.ca