Division Head Message

An enthusiastic and welcoming team of endocrinologists

As faculty of Dalhousie Medical School, we welcome medical students and residents into the division and aim to make you a part of the team, participating in providing care while advancing your understanding of the endocrine system.

Our division includes an enthusiastic team of endocrinologists who work with skilled nurses, research coordinators and administrators to advance the care, education and study of hormonal and metabolic disorders.

Medical students and residents can expect focused attention and support from our division as they build their knowledge and skills in the diagnosis, treatment and management of hormonal and metabolic disorders such as diabetes, thyroid disorders, osteoporosis and more.

We take a team approach to our research, which has allowed us to complete more than 50 clinical trials. Currently we have more than 20 clinical studies underway. Diabetes is more common in Nova Scotia than in most other provinces in Canada. Because of this, diabetes is a primary focus of our division, including its diagnosis and treatment but also its prevention and research.


Dr. Ali Imran
Head/chief, Division of Endocrinology & Metabolism