Division Head Message

The best possible educational preparation

As the proportion of older adults grows, the need for specialists in geriatric medicine is pressing. Other generalists and many subspecialists will also need to be well-versed in caring for the frail elderly, due to the aging population demographic. In the Division of Geriatric Medicine, we celebrate every learner who has chosen to improve their knowledge and skills in geriatric medicine and we strive to provide the best possible educational preparation.

We are proud of our internationally respected education programs, clinical care and innovative research. We offer learners exposure to the full spectrum of geriatric conditions and practice settings, with considerable direct patient experience. Residents receive ample teaching and research opportunities. The result is a comprehensive and solid foundation that prepares future geriatricians for careers as clinician teachers and researchers in academic settings, or for work in community hospitals and nursing home environments.

Clinical programs are closely aligned with our patient-centred research program. This dynamic environment has given rise to the development of a wealth of research, and many highly regarded treatment protocols and practices adopted throughout Canada and around the world.

We hope to inspire learners towards a career in geriatric medicine. Thank you for giving consideration to embarking on this journey at Dalhousie University.


Dr. Paige Moorhouse
Interim division head / service chief, Division of Geriatric Medicine