Our People

A wealth of knowledge, expertise and compassion

Division members deliver a broad variety of patient care and education programs, conduct research and participate in local, national and international efforts to prevent, diagnose and treat infectious diseases. All of our infectious diseases subspecialists are faculty of Dalhousie Medical School and others are cross-appointed to the division from such departments as Microbiology & Immunology, Pharmacology and Pathology.

Faculty members

Name Academic rank
Dr. Shelly McNeil
Division head / service chief
Dr. Lisa Barrett Assistant professor
Dr. Paul Bonnar Assistant professor
Dr. Ian Davis Associate professor
Dr. Lynn Johnston Professor
Dr. Mark Robbins Assistant professor


(academic rank)
Dr. Ahmed Ghaly
(assistant professor)
Dr. Melanie Di Quinzio
(assistant professor)
Locum &
Academic Only

Joint appointments

(academic rank)
Joint with
Dr. Nikhil Thomas
(associate professor)
Microbiology & Immunology

Cross appointments

Name Cross from
Dr. Ross Davidson Pathology
Dr. David Haldane Pathology
Dr. Todd Hatchette Pathology
Dr. Jason Leblanc Pathology
Dr. Tasha Ramsey College of Pharmacy

Adjunct appointments

Name Site
Dr. Donna Halperin St. Francis Xavier University
Charmaine McPherson St. Francis Xavier University
Kathryn Slayter IWK Health Centre

Academic only appointments

(Academic rank)
Associated hospital
Dr. Melanie Di Quinzio
(assistant professor)
Valley Regional
Dr. Gordon Dow
(assistant professor)
The Moncton Hospital
Dr. Christopher Lata
(assistant professor)
Cape Breton Regional
Dr. Stephen Robinson
(assistant professor)
Saint John Regional
Dr. Walter Schlech
Dr. Daniel Smyth
(assistant professor)
The Moncton Hospital
Dr. Duncan Webster
(associate professor)
Saint John Regional