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Solid grounding in nephrology and individualized training

For the first 17 months of residency training, you will take the following mandatory training under the direct supervision of attending staff:

  • hemodialysis (3 months)
  • home dialysis (3 months)
  • transplantation (3 months)
  • consultation (3 months)
  • ward rotation (2 months)
  • ambulatory clinic (1 month)
  • research (1 month)
  • pathology/radiology (1 month)

You can focus the remaining seven months of electives on rotations in clinical or research areas. A sample elective program could include up to seven months on individual research, or one or two months each on pediatric nephrology, community-based nephrology, and education – you can select your rotations based on your chosen career path. Our faculty members are eager to help you choose electives that meet your specific needs.

As a resident you will be expected to run a longitudinal general half-day clinic every week for 18 months of your training, with assigned primary and secondary supervisors.

Academic sessions

  • introductory sessions over the summer months related to dialysis (hemodialysis and peritoneal), transplantation, fluid and electrolytes, poisonings and renal pathology
  • academic seminars on basic renal physiology, clinical nephrology and transplant topics
  • case discussions
  • lecture series on dialysis, fluid and electrolytes, and research
  • journal club
  • transplant sessions including, journal club, grand rounds, transplant clinical and basic topics, morbidity and mortality, and/or transplant evaluation