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Training Sites

Benefit from a variety of practice settings

The Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre in Halifax serves as a base for the adult nephrology residency training program, which operates from two main sites: the Halifax Infirmary and the Victoria General. We provide more than 1,400 inpatient consultations annually.

The hemodialysis unit at the VG site includes 34 stations, serves more than 180 patients and provides inpatient dialysis support for this site. The unit at the HI site, which opened in 2015, has 12 stations, offers treatment for 24 patients and provides inpatient dialysis for this site. The home dialysis unit supervises 100 peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis patients in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Trainees also receive training in the nephrology ward service, which includes 11 beds, and in the renal transplant service, which has eight beds.

Annually, members of the Division of Nephrology are involved in

  • 100 adult kidney transplants
  • 1400 inpatient nephrology consultations
  • 4500 patient visits to the multidisciplinary nephrology clinic
  • 2000 patient visits to the transplant clinic, where residents see a wide variety of patients with kidney disease, including a number with genetic renal disease. About 150 percutaneous native and transplant kidney biopsies are done annually.