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Solid training in patient care, procedures and technology

As a resident in the program, you will spend the first 18 months of your program on core clinical respirology and the remaining six months on additional elective experience. Core clinical rotations provide you with excellent training on all aspects of adult respirology.

Core clinical rotations include:

  • in-patient consultations
  • ambulatory care clinics
  • critical care
  • intermediate care
  • pulmonary function and cardiopulmonary exercise testing laboratory
  • bronchoscopy
  • diagnostic imaging
  • sleep laboratory and clinic
  • cardiopulmonary rehabilitation program and clinic
  • lung cancer clinic
  • thoracic surgery

On a weekly basis, you will participate in:

  • teaching sessions in respirology physiology
  • teaching sessions in clinical respirology
  • academic rounds in chest radiology
  • grand rounds

Residents also participate in monthly combined chest radiology rounds and research-in-progress rounds.

As a resident, research and involvement in quality and patient safety projects will be an integral part of your training. The extent of the involvement will vary with your interest and aptitude to pursue research-related career goals.