Clinical Infectious Disease Program

Keeping our communities healthy

Maintaining the health of our population means making infectious disease a priority. The Division of Infectious Diseases partners with a number of organizations in an effort to maintain this focus, including:

  • Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre (QEII)
  • IWK Health Centre
  • Capital Health

The division strives to help patients with severe or complex acquired infections, including HIV, by providing inpatient consultations and outpatient care for HIV-infected patients. The division is also expanding their involvement in the care of hepatitis B and hepatitis C infected patients. They’re directly involved with the community through their walk-in sexually transmitted diseases (STD) clinic.

The Division of Infectious Disease spends more than 25% of their time on research. This investment allows them to develop a better understanding of:

  • the epidemiology of infection in elderly and hospitalized patients
  • adult immunization
  • bacterial pathogenesis
  • food and waterborne pathogens
  • clinical trials in HIV

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