Visiting Professors

Outside experts

The Visiting Professor Program is the perfect way to expand our educational offerings. Not only does it allow us to add variety to the skills and knowledge of our faculty members, it also gives us a way to share that knowledge with a wider audience. The program is an important part of resident training and continuing medical education for all ophthalmologists in Halifax and the surrounding areas.

How it works

The visiting professor presents a grand rounds lecture, which is attended by:

  • faculty
  • residents
  • clinical and research fellows
  • staff
  • nurses
  • orthoptists
  • research staff
  • medical and orthoptics students

These visiting professor sessions are easily accessible, since we:

  • transmit these talks to communities in Atlantic Canada via telehealth services
  • require the visiting professor to conduct two to four interactive teaching sessions
  • make many of these lectures available on the medical school's intranet site, DalMedix, in either Quicktime or Windows Media formats

Check out our previous lectures by logging into your DalMedix account.