Grand Rounds

The Grand Rounds are a lecture series covering all aspects of research from the Department of Pathology. Each lecture presents the latest in discoveries by the Department's researchers, students, residents and faculty for credit.

It's an ongoing learning activity open to members of the Department of Pathology as well as invited guests.

The Grand Rounds are put on by the CPD committee the first Thursday of each month during the academic year.

2023-2024 Grand Rounds

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Date Speaker(s) Topic
September 21st, 2023 Dr. Tim McCalmont The N walsh Lecture in Dermatopathology
October 5th, 2023 Dr. Brent Young  
November 2nd, 2023 Merrimen/Rendon/Gujar Advances in Prostate cancer
December 7th, 2023 Dr. Rob Liwski  
January 4th, 2024 Dr. Steven Drews  
February 1st, 2024 Dr. Gaynor Watson-Creed   
March 7th, 2024 TBC  
April 4th, 2024 Dr. Michael Volodarsky Optical Genome Mapping
May 2nd, 2024 TBC  
June 6th, 2024 TBC  
June 20th, 2024 TBC  

Grand Rounds 2022-2023

2022-2023 Grand Rounds

All 2022-2023 Grand Rounds were held virtually due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Date Speaker(s) Topic
8 September 2022 Dr. Doha Itani Advances in Her2 Targeted Therapy: Breast and Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma
6 October 2022 Dr. Dominique Trudel
McGill University
Prostate Cancer & Raman Spectroscopy: Novel Optical Biomarkers
3 November 2022 Dr. Karen Bedard TBD
1 December 2022 Dr. Sophie Gosselin
McGill University
CSCC Traveling Lecturer: Emerg Med-Toxicology
5 January 2023 Dr. Alex Easton TBD
2 February 2023 TBD TBD
2 March 2023 TBD TBD
6 April 2023 Dr. Gerard Gaspard Cellular & Molecular Digital Imaging Facility at Dal
4 May 2023 Group
[names TBD]
MoHACC Initiative
1 June 2023 Dr. Richard Xiang Machine Learning or WHO Changes to HemePath

Grand Rounds 2020-2021

Date Speaker(s) Topic
17 September 2020

Dr Jake Yorke

Lauren Westhaver, PhD candidate

Edwin Leong, PhD candidate

Sudden natural death in Nova Scotia: a retrospective study from the Nova Scotia Medical Examiner Service 2009-2018

Natural killer cells and mitoDAMPs in IRI during liver transplantation

Mast cells in Fibrosis - More than skin deep?

15 October 2020 Dr. David Kimmel 

Results from the Canadian PNH Flow Cytometry Proficiency Testing Initiative.

19 November 2020 Dr. Heleen Arts Molecular Genetics of Ciliopathies
10 December 2020 Dr. Jeanette Boudreau

Orchestration of inflammation and immunoregulation by natural killer cells.

21 January 2021 Daryl MacNeil & Liam Shannon


18 February, 2021 Dr. Todd Hatchette COVID-19 Vaccines
15 April, 2021 Drs. Andrea Thoni and Gillian Bethune  CBD-Competence by Design - The Dalhousie Residence Experience
20 May, 2021 Drs. Martin Bullock and Manal Elnenaei Differentiated Thyroid Cancer from Diagnosis to Monitoring Across Pathology Disciplines
17 June, 2021 Dr. Laurette Geldenhuys

"Anatomical Pathology and COVID-19."