Histology Services

Giving you a closer look

At the Histology & Research Services (HRS) Laboratory, we offer a full range of custom and routine histological solutions to assist in your resarch, from animal autopsy, tissue dissection and fixation, to accurate processing, sectioning, and staining. We can help you examined microscopically how cells interact with each other and the functionality of abnormal and malignant cells in disease and cancer. We will identify the structures of interest in the specimens through the appropriate staining techniques.

Our paraffin (wax) and cryo (frozen) services for light microscopy include those from animal dissection, plants, or suspended cell cultures. We offer processing, sectioning, and staining service. If you are a graduate student, a technician, or someone who wants additional training in these processes, we are happy to train you in the "art of cutting", using the cryostat and microtome in our facility.

While working in the HRS Laboratory you will further gain knowledge by interacting with other researchers and students working in related fields.


Histological staining options

We offer a number of different glass slide staining options, including:

  • H&E (hematoxylin and eosin)
  • Toluidine Blue
  • Masson's Trichrome
  • Giemsa
  • Verhoeff-Van Gieson
  • Alcian blue-safranin O
  • Picrosirius red

For pricing or to book, please email us at pcolp@dal.ca.