How to Apply

What are we looking for?

We are looking for applicants with strong communication skills and the ability to relate to people of various backgrounds, a variety of life experiences, an excellent work ethic and academic background. We look for evidence of commitment to the specialty of psychiatry in your personal letter.

We are interested in candidates who are comfortable with self-directed learning, teamwork abilities, excellent verbal and written communication and comprehension skills, and with an interest in an appropriate balance between personal, family, community and professional life, and the capacity for insight and self assessment.

Application Process:

Application information for positions at Dalhousie University can be found on the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS) website.

For details concerning current stipends, benefits such as sick leave, etc., please refer to the MarDocs website.

Residency training begins on July 1.


Petra Corkum
Postgraduate Education Coordinator
5909 Veterans' Memorial Lane, 8th Floor, Rm. 8205
Abbie J. Lane Memorial Building
QEII Health Sciences Centre
Halifax, NS   B3H 2E2   CANADA
Tel: 902-473-7122
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Dr. Deborah Parker, MD, FRCPC
Director, Postgraduate Education
Tel: 902-464-6093
Fax: 902-461-4220