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Psychiatrist, DAL/IWK [PDF - 407KB]
Hospitalist, DAL/NSHA [PDF - 159KB]
Department Head, DAL, Central Zone Chief, NSHA [PDF - 256KB]
Psychiatrist, Operational Stress Injury Clinic, DAL/NSHA [PDF - 298KB]

The Department of Psychiatry is interested in recruiting new faculty and researchers. The following information may be helpful:

1. Members of the University Department of Psychiatry have their primary appointment within the department, or hold a 'cross' or 'joint' appointment with another department. All members are credentialed as per Dalhousie University's Board of Governors and Faculty of Medicine guidelines and where appropriate, as per specific health care facility criteria.

2. Individuals seeking an appointment within the department may make their request in writing, attaching a current CV and the names of two individuals willing to provide letters of reference to one of the following:

Dr. Michael Teehan, Head, Department of Psychiatry
Dr. Margaret Rajda, Director of Education, Department of Psychiatry
Dr. Ben Rusak, Director of Research, Department of Psychiatry
Dr. Scott Theriault
, Clinical Director, Department of Psychiatry, CDHA
Dr. Alexa Bagnell, Head, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, IWK

For additional employment information and to review current available positions, visit Dalhousie University's Career Opportunities.