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Clinical Academic Leaders

Providing clinical and academic leadership

Name Email
Dr. Philip Mills philip.mills@nshealth.ca Addiction Prevention and Treatment Services
Dr. Joe Sadek
joseph.sadek@nshealth.ca Mayflower Unit
  Dartmouth City Team
Dr. Michael Flynn michael.flynn@cdh.nshealth.ca ECT
Dr. Sreenivasa Bhaskara sreenivasa.bhaskara@nshealth.ca Bedford/Sackville Outpatient Clinic
Dr. Kulli Poder kulli.poder@nshealth.ca Cole Harbour Outpatient Clinic
Dr. Sonia Chehil sonia.chehil@nshealth.ca Bayers Road Outpatient Clinic
Dr. Mutiat Sulyman mutiat.sulyman@nshealth.ca Intellectual Disabilities Team
Dr. Andrew Harris
andrew.harris@nshealth.ca Consultation/Liaison Service
Dr. Keri-Leigh Cassidy
keri-leigh.cassidy@nshealth.ca Seniors Mental Health
Dr. Martin Alda
malda@dal.ca Mood Disorders
Dr. Philip Tibbo
phil.tibbo@nshealth.ca First Episode Psychosis
Dr. Allan Abbass
allan.abbass@dal.ca Centre for Emotions and Health
Dr. Aileen Brunet
aileen.brunet@nshealth.ca East Coast Forensic Hospital Clinical Director
Dr. Sabina Abidi sabina.abidi@iwk.nshealth.ca IWK Outpatient Services & Associate Chief; Co-Leader, Dartmouth CMCH Team
Dr. Jonathan Brake jonathan.brake@iwk.nshealth.ca Inpatient Services
Dr. David Lovas david.lovas@iwk.nshealth.ca Emergency Services & Consultation/Liaison Service
Dr. Jose Mejia jose.mejia@iwk.nshealth.ca Youth Forensic Services
Dr. Ahmed Alwazeer ahmed.alwazeer@iwk.nshealth.ca Adolescent Intensive Services
Dr. Suzanne Zinck
suzanne.zinck@iwk.nshealth.ca Co-leader, Halifax CMCH Team
Dr. Lourdes Soto-Moreno Lourdes.soto-moren@iwk.nshealth.ca  Co-leader, Sackville CMCH Team