How To Apply

Getting prepared

It's important to make sure that you have everything you need before you apply. Get started by visiting the CaRMS site for details on applying to a residency program.

For additional information on Dalhousie residencies, please visit the Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) office.

Selection criteria

To be considered, you must have an excellent academic record and an expressed and demonstrated interest in urology. This should include at least one urology elective. Expressed and fulfilled research interests will be beneficial, even if they aren't in urology. 

References from urologists outlining motivation, aptitude, maturity, inter-personal skills, ethical behaviour and empathy will be regarded highly.

We also require three letters of reference, at least two of which should be from urologists.

For more information on our selection process, please consult the CaRMS site for important information regarding provincial eligibility requirements.

Supporting documentation

To successfully apply, please include the following supporting documents with your application:

  • proof of citizenship – notarized or certified (only one of the following must be submitted)
    • Canadian Birth Certificate or Act of Birth
    • passport page showing Canadian citizenship
    • Certificate of Canadian Citizenship
    • confirmation of permanent residence
  • photo (note: photograph is used as memory aid only)
  • medical school transcript (order from your registrar)
  • medical student performance record (order from your dean's office)
  • three letters of reference - a maximum of three letters are required from faculty or practising physicians or surgeons. In addition to these, we will accept a maximum of one letter from a senior resident (PGY5) in urology, but this is not mandatory.
  • personal letter - a personal letter describing your background, career goals, reasons for choice of urology, personal strengths and weaknesses and extra-curricular activities should be submitted
  • custom résumé or CV

Applicants may also choose to submit the following optional documentation:

  • abstract or publications - copies of representative articles or abstracts which have been published or presented by the applicant should be sent directly to the CaRMS office

You're advised to only provide the documents that are requested by the program. All other documents submitted will not be reviewed.


Three representatives from the Residency Selection and Training Committee, including the program director and a resident, interview a short list of candidates in a friendly, informal environment at the Urology Fair. This provides us an opportunity to assess interpersonal dynamics and to determine how well an individual would "fit" with our program.