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Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship Dalhousie

Clerkship in rural communities

The LICD is a model for the third year clerkship in which the core clerkship discipline units are integrated into a year-long program which is based on continuity (of learning, learning environment, supervision and assessment, and patient experiences) and patient -centered care.

This model increases the capacity for clerkships to include environments that might otherwise be excluded by the traditional discipline – centered, term based clerkships. Presently the LICD is located in Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital (Fredericton), Miramichi Regional Hospital, The Moncton Hospital and Upper River Valley Hospital.

Advantages of an LIC program

Data shows that students in LIC type programs do as well or better academically than traditional clerkship-based colleagues. The Dalhousie LIC model is:

  • Objectives based (meets all the same objectives of the traditional clerkship model)
  • Focused on ensuring continuity of the educational experience
  • Student/patient centered learning
  • A integration of curriculum and learning experiences
  • Community-based student engagement
  • Designed to encourage the student to become a self-directed learner

How does the LICD work?

The LICD is a 48 week unit incorporating all Dalhousie Medical School objectives/patient encounters/procedural skills of year three core clerkship program.

Each student is assigned to a clinical practice(s) under the supervision of one or two physicians who act as their primary preceptor(s) within the community. Although assigned to broad based clinical practice, students will work with other preceptors of multiple disciplines and other healthcare providers in the community during their placement.

Students develop a patient panel. This panel is a group of patients who are followed in detail throughout the course of their health care experience. The list is adjusted over the year to ensure clinical variety and complexity to address clerkship objectives and student educational needs.

Applying to the LICD

By December, at least three weeks prior to the block clerkship selection process, a LICD lottery will be held.  The lottery is open to all Dalhousie Med II’s.  Two positions are reserved for a Dalhousie Medical School Halifax-based student, because the LICD opportunities are currently based in New Brunswick. The lottery can, however, result in more than one Halifax-based Med II being a successful applicant.


**Last reviewed October 2014