Our Teams


Our On-Campus Teams

Organized by Principal Investigator (PI), the following teams are based on-campus in the Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick building. Meet our students!

Atkinson, Paul


  Department Emergency Medicine
Areas of Interest Research, Point of Care Ultrasound, Trauma, Simulation, Medical Education, Healthcare Systems, Wellbeing, Critical Thinking

Brunt, Keith


  Department Pharmacology
Areas of Interest
Translational medicine, Experimental therapeutics, Medical technology, Heme biology, Stem cells, Aging, Nanotechnology

Dutton, Daniel


  Department Community Health and Epidemiology
Areas of Interest Social epidemiology, population health, public health policy, poverty & homelessness, health economics

Kienesberger, Petra


  Department Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Areas of Interest Energy metabolism, adipocytes, isolated cardiomyocytes, histology, live cell imaging, molecular imaging, molecular cloning, enzyme overexpression and knockdown, lipid analysis

Pulinilkunnil, Thomas


  Department Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Areas of Interest Lysosome, Autophagy, Metabolism, Energetics, Amino Acids, BCAA, Obesity, Diabetes, Breast Cancer, Lipids, Glycosylation, Zebrafish, Heart failure

Reiman, Tony


  Department Medicine
Areas of Interest
Medical oncology, Cancer, Lymphoma, Myeloma, Lung cancer, Translational research

Our Distributed Teams

The following New Brunswick-based research teams are affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick and are actively engaged in the Dal Med NB Research Council.

Canada East Spine Centre (CESC)

The multi-disciplinary centre for excellence in spine care in Saint John, New Brunswick. Our team includes orthopaedic spine surgeons, neurosurgeons, physiatrists, nurses, physiotherapists, students and researchers.

Headquartered in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada East Spine Centre is dedicated to driving the development of spine health care. Our mission is to better understand the factors that lead to spinal conditions, and continue to develop ways to most effectively treat complex problems through clinical research.

At the Canada East Spine Centre, we bring together a community of experts from orthopaedic surgery, neurosurgery, nursing, physiotherapy and research. We are one of the highest-volume spine surgery centres in Atlantic Canada. We are also the third largest site in Canada for the Canadian Spine Society’s Canadian Spine Outcomes and Research Network (CSORN) registry of 20 sites across Canada. Our dedicated staff is at the top of their fields in clinical care, quality assurance, clinical outcomes and clinical trials research.

Research Interests

  • Neurosurgery- Spine including traumatic spinal cord injuries
  • Spine Surgery- all pathologies
  • Orthopaedics- Knee, Foot, Ankle, Shoulder, Hip
  • Patient Outcomes
  • Collaborative Research

Our Team

Dr. Edward Abraham MD FRCSC Founder of Canada East Spine Centre- Orthopaedic Department, Associate Professor - Department of Surgery, Dalhousie University
Dr. Neil Manson MD FRCSC Founder of Canada East Spine Centre- Orthopaedic Department, Assistant Professor - Department of Surgery, Dalhousie University
Dr. Najmedden Attabib MD FRCSC Neurosurgery Department
Dr. George Kolyvas MD MBBS FRCSC Neurosurgery Department
Dr. Andre Le Roux MD FRCSC Neurosurgery Department
Dr. Chris Small MD FRCSC Orthopaedic Department
Dr. Jacob Matz MD FRCSC Orthopaedic Department
Dr. Tolu Alugo MD, MSc, DPCOAI, CIME, DCAPM, FIPP, CIPS, ASRA-PMUC Anesthesiology Department
Erin Bigney MA Director of Research
Eden Richardson BA Research Manager
Dana El-Mughayyar BSc Research Coordinator
Amanda Vandewint BSc Research Coordinator
Donna Eastwood RN, MN,ONC Clinical Research Associate

Contact Information

Email: cescresearch@gmail.com
Phone: 506-651-2052
Address: Canada East Spine Centre- Saint John Regional Hospital
5D North- Research Services
400 University Avenue, PO Box 2100
Saint John, NB
E2L 4L4