Wellbeing: Our Definition  

Optimal wellbeing is a state of energetic balance and meeting one’s full potential within the world. It can be measured subjectively and objectively. Optimal wellbeing at work requires the system to promote and support it and for the individual to be actively engaged and interested in their own wellness. A cultural shift is needed to enable wellness to become an integrated, consistent, and enduring part of the working environment.

Our Approach

Our approach to wellbeing focuses on building a culture of trust and facilitating whole-person growth from the individual up to the system level.  A foundation of trust enables people to thrive at work; they are more able to overcome challenges and experience greater autonomy in their roles.  Emotionally, people experience being heard, feeling like their efforts are seen and their achievements acknowledged, whilst being reminded that what they do is meaningful and deeply appreciated. We believe building a culture of trust and psychological safety will stimulate deeper levels of engagement, fulfillment, play, joy and compassion which can be viewed as antidotes to stress and burnout.

EDI statement  

We respect, honour, and celebrate the diversity of our community. We are committed to upholding a safe and equitable environment where everyone can feel a sense of belonging and are empowered to both fully contribute and achieve their best. Focusing on diversity, equity, community representation, and disrupting oppression and racism in all its forms will lead to a more supportive culture and journey toward professional and personal success.