Wellness Implementation Group

The Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine wellness implementation group will work with the Assistant Dean of Faculty Wellness and the Program Manager to develop an overall wellness strategy and help facilitate wellness activities across all departments throughout the Maritimes.   


  • Advocate for and influence policy changes that positively impact faculty wellness.
  • Consider the contribution of wellness activities alongside key priority areas including equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) initiatives, professionalism, rural locations, etc.
  • Provide a forum for regular communication regarding departmental wellness, initiatives, challenges, and successes as well as local, national, and international wellness research/literature.
  • Provide feedback to the faculty wellness office about gaps, challenges, and opportunities related to faculty wellness.
  • Ensure wellness initiatives are addressing at least some of the seven areas of burnout identified in the literature.

Advisory Committee Members

Kavish Chandra | Emergency Medicine (NB)
Calvino Cheng | Pathology (NS)
Lori Connors
| General Medicine
Angela Cooper
| Faculty Wellness (NS)
Laurette Geldenhuys
| Pathology (NS)
Jennifer Hancock
| Critical Care (NS)
Tracy Kok
| Anesthesia, Pain Management & Perioperative Medicine (NS)
Katalin Koller
| Geriatric Medicine (NS)
Ketan Kularni
| Pediatrics (NS)
Jennifer Leverman
| Family Medicine (NS)
Yvonne Libbus
| Psychiatry (NS)
Dawn MacLellan
| Urology (NS)
Chris McCrossin | Emergency Medicine (NS)
Lori McDonald
| Diagnostic Radiology (NS)
Amanda Porter | Bioethics (NS)
Roberta Preston | Faculty Wellness (NS)
Michael Ripley | Obstetrics / Gynaecology (NS)
Rob Rutledge | Radiation Oncology (NS)
Lisa Searle | Family Medicine (NB)
Lesya Shuba | Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences (NS)  
Jonathan Trites | Division of Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery (NS)
Zenovia Ursuliak | Psychiatry (NS)
Laura Wade | Emergency Medicine (NS)
Swarna Weerasingh
| Community Health and Epidemiology
Hana Wiemer | Emergency Medicine (NS)
Tania Wong
| Pediatrics (NS)

If you would like to speak with any of the members listed above, please send an email to FacWell@dal.ca Your email will be forwarded to indicated member within 1-2 business days.