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Global Health Through an Ethical Lens

Posted by GHO Admin on December 19, 2017 in Events

Dates: Online - February 1 - March 29, 2018, Face-to-face sessions March 20 & 21, 2018
Location: TBD

Global health is a diverse field of practice.  There are doctors, nurses and allied health professionals providing humanitarian assistance in refugee camps, performing surgery, consulting in remote village clinics, running immunization campaigns, and supporting community based rehabilitation teams. This 9-hour mini-course will look at these different settings.  We will use case studies to examine global health in an interprofessional environment.

By the end of this mini-course, learners will be expected to have:    

  • reflected upon their beliefs, values and assumptions relative to global health and learned the relevance of this reflection on their professional role of support in low resourced settings;
  • have practiced strategies for communicating with other professions regarding roles in global health contexts;
  • understand the roles of their profession and other professions in the context of global health;
  • better understand the role of support in contexts of global health as a matter of leadership in health care professions;
  • have discussed how health care professionals can collaboratively effect better health outcomes when professional scopes of practice come together to support individuals in low resource settings

To register please visit the Mini-Course website.



Faculty Lead

Shawna O'Hearn (Global Health Office) -


  • Kathryn Hayward (Nursing)
  • Cynthia Andrews (Dentistry)
  • Jacqueline Gahagan (Health and Human Performance)
  • Ronald Renz (Physiotherapy)
  • Susan Hutchinson (Health and Human Performance)
  • Marion Brown (Social Work)
  • Heidi Lauckner (Occupational Therapy)