Undergraduate Education

Geriatric medicine education within the MD program

As a Dalhousie medical student, you will receive considerable exposure to geriatric medicine and caring for older adults, especially those who are frail.

First and second year medical students can do clinical or research electives with the Division of Geriatric Medicine. Clinical electives are rotations that are typically scheduled on a weekly basis for a three-month stretch. They can include half-days in the geriatric ambulatory care area, including the memory disorders clinic and the geriatric day hospital. Research electives are arranged individually between the student and researcher.

Third year medical students do two-week rotations on either the geriatric assessment unit, with exposure to inpatient geriatrics, or on the consultation service or clinic outpatient experience. Students are provided online podcasts on core geriatric topics that were developed specifically for this core internal medicine rotation.

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