Residents and Fellows

Dr. Alexandra Manning, Chief Resident

Dr. Chelcie Soroka, Associate Chief Resident

The residents and fellows enrolled in the Dalhousie Psychiatry Postgraduate Program for the academic year 2018/19 are as follows:

Class of 2019 PGY-5
Alwatban, Omar
Boyd, Jillian
Green, Joshua
James, Vhari
Murray, Kerry Ann
Nunes, Abraham
Paradis, Justin
Smalley, Joshua George
Yashchuk, Olga

Class of 2020 PGY-4
Downing, Laura
Hassanali, Nadia
Havenga, Matthew
Lahti, Melissa
Manning, Alexandra
Radchuck, Katherine
Zhou, Crystal

Class of 2021 PGY-3
Boudreau, Christelle
Ferracuti, Madaline
MacMullin, Gregory
McClelland, Christine
Pianosi, Anthony
Rizzardo, Tyson
Soroka, Chelcie
Stevenson, Graham

Class of 2022 PGY-2
Chan, Lauren
Cottreau, Jill
Fraser, Emily
Gough, Amy
Greer, Holly
LeBlanc, Marissa
States, Cinera
Wang, Angela

Class of 2023 PYG-1
Armstrong, Mackenzie
Celan, Patricia
Handford, Courtney
Lines, Katherine
MacDonald, Michelle
Ricciotti, Shiloh
Sherren, Cody
Stymiest, Kate

Fellow(s) PGY-6
Fancy, Sarah
MacKay, Ian
Robicheaud, Celia
Singh, Kathleen

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