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The administrative team is dedicated to the mission and vision of the Department by providing excellence in operational support through professional conduct, effective collaboration and the demonstration of initiative.


Name Email Position
Ms. Janet Bardon janet.bardon@nshealth.ca Physician Resource Manager
Ms. Linda Ford linda.ford@nshealth.ca Administrative Assistant
Ms. Sandra Millar sandra.millar@nshealth.ca Finance Assistant
Ms. Kate Porter
katherine.porter@nshealth.ca Executive Assistant to Department Head
Ms. Kate Rogers kate.rogers@nshealth.ca Communications Coordinator
Ms. Carolyn Sisley carolyn.sisley@nshealth.ca Director of Finance and Administration

Education and Research

Name Email Position
Vacant   Research Coordinator
Ms. Jennifer Brown jen.brown@nshealth.ca Postgraduate Education Coordinator
Ms. Mandy Esliger mandy.esliger@nshealth.ca Evaluation Specialist  
Ms. Kelly Hancock kelly.hancock@nshealth.ca Undergraduate Coordinator
Ms. Tracy Fraser MacIsaac tracy.fraser@nshealth.ca Education Coordinator

Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Name Email Position
Ms. Megan Bellefontaine
megan.bellefontaine@iwk.nshealth.ca Education and Research Coordinator
Ms. Jennifer Cunningham jennifer.cunningham@iwk.nshealth.ca Administrative Assistant
Ms. Patricia Evans patricia.evans@iwk.nshealth.ca Administrative Assistant  
Ms. Debi Follett debi.follett@iwk.nshealth.ca Administrative Assistant
Vacant   Administrative Assistant
Ms. Michelle LeBlanc michelle.leblanc@iwk.nshealth.ca Administrative Manager
Ms. Megan Little
megan.little@iwk.nshealth.ca Administrative Assistant to Sun Life Financial Chair in Adolescent Mental Health
Ms. Joan Sweet joan.sweet@iwk.nshealth.ca Receptionist
Ms. Robin Stinson robin.stinson@iwk.nshealth.ca Administrative Assistant