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What We Do

Providing quality care to children, youth and families

The Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry is located at the IWK Health Centre. This division provides clinical services in addition to research and education of trainees. 

IWK Psychiatry offers the following clinical services serving children and adolescents up to 19 years of age: 

  • Adolescent Intensive Services (AIS): Adolescent Intensive Services offers a combination of day and overnight services to adolescents 13 to 19 years of age. 
  • Community Mental Health Clinics: These clinics provide outpatient mental health services. We have three community clinics: one serving Halifax, Dartmouth and Bedford/Sackville.
  • COMPASS: This long-term residential care facility helps children up to age 12 with serious disruptive behavior disorder.
  • Mobile Crisis: Available 24/7, this program provides crisis assessment and intervention measures. For more information call 902-429-8167.
  • Child and Family Day Treatment: Provides intensive day treatment services for children (up to the age of 12) and their families
  • Forensic Service: This service comprises court-ordered psychiatric evaluations and psychiatric care to outpatients and inpatients at the Nova Scotia Youth Facility, the province’s only youth correctional institution.
  • Garron Centre for Child and Adolescent Mental Health: A 17-bed inpatient unit is dedicated to the emergency and acute care of children and adolescents with a broad spectrum of psychiatric conditions.
  • Specific Care Clinics (IWK Psychiatry): These clinics provide outpatient/ambulatory programs and services primarily addressing sub-specialty and tertiary issues. Subspecialty services include:
    • Eating Disorders Clinic
    • Bipolar Clinic
    • Autism Co-Morbidity Clinic
    • Early Psychosis Clinic
    • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Clinic
    • Tic Disorder Clinic
    • Concurrent Disorders Clinic

The Sun Life Financial Chair is a partnership between Dalhousie University, Sun Life Financial and the IWK Health Centre. Dr. Stan Kutcher holds the Sun Life Financial Chair in Adolescent Mental Health. The Chair's website is dedicated to helping improve the mental health of youth by the effective translation and transfer of scientific knowledge.

MyHealth Magazine is an interactive web-based health magazine for youth and schools co-directed by Dr. Alexa Bagnell.