Department Resident Awards

Celebrating leaders and innovators

Recognizing the extra work of residents, whether it be in areas of medical education or in research, is an important part of our program. Each year we consider nominations for the following resident awards, presenting them at our end of year celebrations in June.

Dr. A.D. (Bebo) MacKeen Prize 

Awarded to the PGY3 resident who has the highest aggregate score on case quizzes throughout the year

Gerald E. Davis Book Prize 

Awarded to the resident with the highest percentile ranking on the ACR exam

RSNA Roentgen Resident Research Award 

Awarded to a resident in recognition of outstanding Radiologic research

Resident Award for Elective Medical Student Teaching 

Awarded to a PGY3 resident as voted upon by medical students participating in electives at Dalhousie

  • 2020 – Dr. Marshall Dunn & Dr. Alex Froc

Resident Honour Roll for Elective Medical Student Teaching 

Awarded annually to residents at any stage of training who have shown an exemplary commitment to medical student teaching during the academic year