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Research Funding

Keeping research on track

Without funding, it’s nearly impossible to conduct quality medical research. Since 2006, the Department of Surgery Research Office has been making it possible for our various divisions to pursue meaningful work. We’re proud to advance the knowledge of conditions and injuries that require surgery by securing funding for dedicated research clinicians and associated faculty members.

The Dal Surgery Research Office fosters research from departmental peer review funding possibilities. Many other agencies work in tandem with us, through collaborative research done by our members and affiliated personnel, and also through potential shared support for research. It is important to familiarize yourself with the dynamic players in our environment:

What we do

We offer research funding for DalSurgery Faculty.  Presently our funding streams are undergoing review, and we will announce in Fall 2017 new funding possibilities. 

Presently, all funding applications are closed.  

Please call Elaine Marsh in the Dal Surgery Research Office at 902-473-4615 to discuss future fundicing opportunities.