Research Deliverables

Building research capacity

Dal Surgery has identified a number of steps and strategies for improving long-term funding for research.

These steps and strategies include ensuring that new recruits have the necessary background to help us build a strong and well-rounded research effort, and that we have the physical space and the technical and human resources to allow us to grow and maximize the impact of our research.

Dal Surgery continues to be a highly successful academic department—not only in terms of grant capture, publications and successful innovation—but also in terms of the research-oriented, solution-focused collegial culture.

Research Deliverables:  In 2009, Dr. Hirsch implemented a "Deliverable scoring metric" to keep track and give value to research being done in the Department of Surgery.  Every year, all deliverables are accounted and compiled, aiding the research mandate in showing impressive growth in grant capture, publications and other activities orbiting research edeavors.

Departmental Research Scoring System

Hirsch Score [PDF]

Department of Surgery: PUBLICATIONS 2021

2021 Departmental Feature Publication:  

Psychological Distress in Adult Patients Awaiting Cancer Surgery During the Covid -19 Pandemic.

* Senior Author: David Forner, ENT Resident