Nova Scotia Community Hospital Programs


Convenient learning opportunities                               

 The Nova Scotia Community Hospital (CHP) programs give you the opportunity for professional development at a hospital near you, limiting disruption to your practice or personal commitments. Discussing local cultures and challenges for change with colleagues provides a unique learning opportunity.

In consultation with Dalhousie Continuing Professional Development (CPD), local practitioners develop the content, objectives, and deliver education in formats most likely to enhance your practice. And since we offer programs in 14 Nova Scotia hospitals, there will be a program nearby that interests you. This program is supported financially by the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness.  It is occasionally enhanced with pharmaceutical industry sponsorship by means of educational grants.   

Please see below for Community Hospital Programs booked for the 2022-23 Academic Year starting in September. Keep posted for new programs as they are booked in all 14 of our Nova Scotia hospital communities.

PLEASE NOTE: Given the uncertainty around COVID-19, CHP this year will adopt a blended module. Some sessions will be delivered virtually, while some will be in-person sessions.   

Remember that all physicians are welcome to attend any accredited program; you are not restricted to attend only the programs in the hospital you have privileges in.

The weekly "Current Events" e-blast will start back up in September. If you are a physician and wish to start receiving weekly reminders of our accredited events, please fill in this form and get your name on our e-blast list!

Please note:  Given the uncertainty around COVID-19, CHP will adopt a blended module. Some sessions will be delivered virtually, while some will be in-person sessions.

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Receiving Credits

To receive Mainpro+ Credits, which you can then claim from the CFPC, you must complete the survey distributed at each CHP session. The survey will be open for one week after the session. 

CPD-accredited Activities Reports are produced based on request. To request a record of your credits, please email, and give us the period for which you would like this information.


Date / Time Topic Speaker
Sept 13
7-8 pm
Lyme Disease - Local updates, Prophylaxis and Treatment (Virtual) Dr. Todd Hatchette
Sept 27
7-8 pm 
Hormone Replacement in Menopause (Virtual) Dr. Melissa Brooks
Oct 12
7-8 pm    
Update on Genetic Screening for Various Conditions (Virtual) Dr. Lynette Penney
Oct 18
7-8 pm
Post Chemo Complications (Virtual)  Dr. Bruce Colwell
Oct 19 
7-8 pm
Dermatology - Quick Snappers and Images of Common and Weird and Wonderful Rashes/Lesions (Virtual) Dr. Peter Green 
Nov 2
7-8 pm
Prescribing & De-Prescribing for the Elderly (Virtual) Dr. Alethea Lacas
Nov 3 
7-8 pm
Autonomic Dysreflexia: Diagnosis and Clinical Considerations (Virtual) Dr. Christine Short 
Nov 29
7-8 pm
What's New in Chronic Pain: The Evolving Science (Virtual) Dr. Maureen Allen 
Dec 1
12-1 pm
Clinical Pearls: Which of these Headache Presentations could be Brain Tumour? (Virtual) Dr. Gordon Gubitz and Dr. Sarah MacGregor
Dec 13
7-8 pm 
Neuroendocrine/Carcinoid Tumours (Virtual)  Dr. Daniel Rayson
Dec 15
7-8 pm
Diagnostic Approach to Tremors (Virtual) Dr. Heather Rigby
Jan 11
7-8 pm
Pediatric Allergy Investigations (Virtual) Dr. Wade Watson 
Jan 26 
12-1 pm
Back Pain - Who Gets Surgery? (Virtual) Dr. Sean Barry 
Feb 1
7-8 pm
An Approach to Hematologic Malignancies and Associated Emergencies (Virtual) Dr. Mahmoud Elsawy
Mar 7
7-8 pm
Borderline Personality Disorder - How FP's Can Manage (Virtual) Dr. Marie-Eve Couture

Handouts from previous presentations

June 23 Chest Tubes (in-person) with Dr. Daniel French | Handout 

June 15 Nephrotoxic Drugs with Dr. Penelope Poyah | Video Link | Handout

Jun 2 Screening in Family Practice - What to Test on Who, When with Dr. Lisa Bonang | Video Link | Handout 

2 juin Dépistage en médecine familiale : ce qu’il faut tester, chez qui et, avec la Dre Lisa Bonang | Liaison Vidéo document

June 1 Measles with Dr. Jeannette Comeau | Video Link | Handout

May 12 Approach to Common Hematologic Malignancies and Associated Emergencies with Dr. Mahmoud Elsawy | Video Link | Handout

Apr 14 Data Mining in Med Access with Dr. Michael Wadden | Video Link 

Apr 12 Hot Topics in General Pediatrics with Dr. Drew Yamada | Video LinkHandout

12 avril Sujets d’actualité en pédiatrie - Dr Drew Yamada | Liaison Vidéo | document

Mar 31 Prescribing & De-Prescribing for the Elderly with Dr. Alethea Lacas | Video Link | Handout

31 mars Prescription et déprescription de médicaments aux aînés - Dre Alethea Lacas | Liaison Vidéo | document

Mar 29 Examining Musculo-Skeletal with Dr. Kate Montgomery | Video Link

Mar 22 An Evidenced-Based Approach to Diagnosis and Management of Acute Pancreatitis with Dr. Geoff Williams | Video Link 

Mar 3 Wrist Injuries with Dr. David Johnston | Video Link

Mar 1 Management of Anxiety and Depression with Dr. Lara Hazelton | Video Link

Feb 23 Sleep Apnea for Older Adults with Dr. Alexander Nelson | Handout

(posted for six months)


Find out more

If you’d like more information on specific programs, or to discuss program opportunities? Contact Mary Ann Robinson at 902-494-1459 or 

Thank you to our physician-coordinators

Without our physician-coordinators, these programs would not be possible.

Thank you to:

  Dr. Kelly Morris
  Dr. Karen MacDonald
  Dr. Jules d'Entremont Bridgewater    
  Dr. Keith Singh Dartmouth    
  Dr. Lisa MacIntyre
  Dr. Rhea MacDonald Inverness    
  Dr. Chris Bauer Kentville    
  Dr. Norah Mogan
  Dr. Irene Moore
    New Glasgow    
  Dr. Alexander Wawer
North Sydney
  Dr. Farokh Buhariwalla Sydney    
  Dr. Andria MacAulay Truro    
  Deanna Jacquard Yarmouth