Nova Scotia Community Hospital Programs

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 The Nova Scotia Community Hospital (CHP) programs give you the opportunity for professional development at a hospital near you, limiting disruption to your practice or your personal commitments. Discussing local cultures and challenges for change with colleagues provides a unique learning opportunity.

In consultation with Dalhousie Continuing Professional Development (CPD), local practitioners develop the content, objectives, and deliver education in formats that are most likely to enhance your practice. And since we offer programs in 14 Nova Scotia hospitals, there will be a program nearby that interests you. This program is supported financially by the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness.  It is occasionally enhanced with pharmaceutical industry sponsorship by means of educational grants.   

We're gearing up for the 2019 Academic Year starting in September. Keep posted for new programs as they are booked, in all 14 of our Nova Scotia hospital communities. Remember that all physicians are welcomed to attend any accredited program; you are not restricted to attending only the programs in the hospital you have priviledges in.

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Date Topic Speaker Community
DEC 03 Skin Cancer Dr. Martin LeBlanc Kentville
  05 Work up and Management of Heart Failure Dr. Robert Stewart New Glasgow
  10 Update on Pediatric Infections (ER Perspective) Dr. Scott Halperin Amherst
  10 Topics in Mens Health Dr. Ross Mason Halifax
  11 In Hospital Management of Patients with Serious Liver Disease Dr. Magnus McLeod Dartmouth
  12 Methadone Dr. Debra Gowan Liverpool
JAN 09 Infectious Diseases in Pediatrics Dr. Scott Halperin Truro
  14 Hepatology - Approach to Elevated LFTs Dr. Magnus McLeod Bridgewater
  15 Fishing for Liver Disease Dr. Magnus McLeod Yarmouth
  15 Lyme, West Nile and Rabies Dr. Ian Davis Dartmouth
  23 Identification and Management of End Stage Liver Disease Dr. Magnus McLeod Truro
  23 Liver Enzyme  Dr. Magnus McLeod Sydney
FEB 04 Behaviour Management in Children Dr. Joanna Holland Bridgewater
  05 Spinal Cord Injury Dr. Andrew Glennie Dartmouth
  06 Sexual Dysfunction in Women Dr. Samantha Dawson Liverpool
  11 Use of Newer Agents in Type II DM Dr. Shirl Gee Halifax
  12 Transfer of Care Dr. Liisa Honey New Glasgow
  13 Rheumatology Investigations Dr. Trudy Taylor Truro
  13 Rheumatology Update Dr. Trudy Taylor Antigonish
  13 Common Neuro Problems for the PCP  Dr. Mandat Maharaj North Sydney
  26 Newborn Care  Dr. Nadia Aumeerally New Glasgow
MAR 04 Pediatric Ortho Issues Dr. Benjamin Orlik New Glasgow
  05 Prostate Cancer Screening Dr. Ross Mason Liverpool
  05 Practical Points in Cardiac Drug Therapy: Old and New Dr. Masis Perk Truro
  11 Office Rheumatology Dr. Trudy Taylor Halifax
  24 Breast Cancer Screening Dr. Sian Iles Amherst
  25 Myasthenia Gravis      Dr. Ian Grant Dartmouth
APR 02 Precocious and Delayed Puberty  Dr. Elizabeth Cummings Amherst
  03 Precocious Puberty Dr. Elizabeth Cummings Truro
  07 Screening Cerebral Aneurysms  Dr. Gwynedd Pickett Kentville
  09 Hot Topics in General Pediatrics Dr. Drew Yamada New Glasgow
  27 Infectious Diseases in Pediatrics Dr. Scott Halperin Kentville
  28 Type II Diabetes in Children & Adolescents Dr. Teresa Pinto Middleton
  30 Cancer: A Practical Guide to GPs Dr. Jennifer Melvin Liverpool
MAY 07 Update on Diabetes Medications Dr. Ferhan Siddiqi Liverpool
  13 Screening Cerebral Aneurysms  Dr. Gwynedd Pickett New Glasgow
  13 Screening Cerebral Aneurysms  Dr. Gwynedd Pickett Sydney
  14 Potpourri of Common Neurological Problems for FP  Dr. Natalie Parks Middleton
  21 Critical Thinking in Medicine Dr. Constance LeBlanc Antigonish
  21 Treatment of Osteomyelitis Dr. Karl Logan Inverness
  21 Common Pediatric Orthopedic Complaints Dr. Karl Logan North Sydney
  27 Common Hand Problems for the Primary Care Physicians Dr. Justin Paletz Kentville
JUN 10 Kidney Stones Dr. Andrea Lantz Powers New Glasgow
  11 Nephrotoxic Drugs Dr. Penelope Poyah Middleton
  11 An Approach to a First Seizure Dr. Stephanie Woodroffe Liverpool
  17 Thrombectomy in Stroke and When Not to Give TPA Dr. Stephen Phillips Amherst

Handouts for upcoming presentations 

Dec 10 Topics in Mens Health with Dr. Ross Mason | Handout

Handouts from previous presentations

Nov 13 Personality Disorders with Dr. Natalie Stratton | Handout

Nov 14 Managing Common Bacterial Infections in Dialysis Patients with Dr. Neil Finkle | Handout

Nov 14 Urinalysis/Electrolytes with Dr. Neil Finkle | Handout

Nov 18 Rheumatologic Testing with Dr. Trudy Taylor | Handout

Nov 21 Breast Cancer Screening with Dr. Sian IlesHandout

Dec 3 Skin Cancer with Dr. Martin LeBlanc | Handout

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Thank you to our physician-coordinators

Without our physician-coordinators, these programs would not be possible.

Thank you to:

  Dr. Kelly Morris
  Dr. Karen MacDonald
  Dr. Jules d'Entremont Bridgewater    
  Dr. Kenneth Cameron Dartmouth    
  Dr. Lisa MacIntyre
  Dr. Rhea MacDonald Inverness    
  Dr. Chris Bauer Kentville    
  Dr. Norah Mogan
  Dr. Irene Moore
  Dr. Simran Ohson New Glasgow    
  Dr. Alexander Wawer
North Sydney
  Dr. Farokh Buhariwalla Sydney    
  Dr. Andria MacAualay Truro    
  Dr. Christopher Randell Yarmouth