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Academic Detailing Service

Relevant, in-depth information

Benefit from customized, one-on-one educational sessions with trained health care professionals. We do the research, the analysis and the synthesis; you get a critically appraised and balanced message to enhance your practice.

We work with local specialists and an advisory panel of four family physicians from across the province to ensure our material is relevant to practice. These sessions are conducted at a time and place convenient for you, making it easier for you to stay up-to-date and earn MAINPRO+ Certified credits for each session. Better yet, sessions are available across Nova Scotia.

The service is funded by the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness and is operated through Dalhousie Continuing Professional Development.

The knowledge you want

By surveying physicians, reviewing suggestions, and basing our sessions on topics like national guidelines and clinical developments, we ensure you receive only the most current, useful information.

Some of our topics have included:

- Oral anticoagulants
- Lipids & primary prevention
- Opioids in chronic non-cancer pain

- Gout
- Antibiotics
- Diabetes

Visit our Academic Detailing Service Resources page for information and resources on past topics.

Book a session

Call 902-494-1994 to set up an appointment for an academic detailer to visit with you.

Our academic detailing team

Edie Baxter, MD, CCFP
Tel: 902-494-4331
Email: ebaxter@dal.ca          

Post-retirement appointment
Michael Allen, MD, MSc
Email: michael.allen@dal.ca

Senior academic detailer
Isobel Fleming, BScPharm, ACPR
Tel: 902-494-1293
Email: isobel.fleming@dal.ca

Regional academic detailers
Lillian Barry, BScPharm
Carla Benjamin, BScPharm, ACPR
Janice Dillman, BScPharm
Janelle Gray, BScPharm
Kelley LeBlanc, BScPharm
Michele Lynch, BScPharm

Drug evaluation pharmacists, NS Health Authority
Pam McLean-Veysey, Team Leader, BScPharm
Kim Kelly, BScPharm
Natasha Rodney, BScPharm
Leah Edmonds, BScPharm