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Inhaled Medicated Devices for COPD Infographic | December 2022

Acute Pain: Musculoskeletal, Low Back and Post-Surgical | February 2021

Hypertension: High Risk, Pregnancy and Children | October 2019

Antibiotics: Why and Why Not | December 2018

Choices Before Opioids for CNCP | June 2018


Program resources - archive

Please note that the program resources below are over three years old and may not reflect the most current evidence available. They are intended only as an archive of the Dalhousie Academic Detailing Service's work.

Epinephrine and Anaphylaxis | October 2017

COPD: What to Do with All These New Inhalers? | March 2017

Type 2 Diabetes: What After Metformin? | April 2016

Contraception | July 2015

Oral Anticoagulants in Atrial Fibrillation | November 2014

Gout Update | March 2014

Lipids in Primary Prevention: A Calcuated Risk | March 2013

Antibiotics: Why and Why Not? | May 2012

Opiods in Chronic Non-Cancer Pain | October 2010

Diabetes: Insulin Analogues & Self-Monitoring | March 2010

Acne Review | September 2008

Proton Pump Inhibitors: Burning Questions | February 2008

Type 2 Diabetes: Screening, Prevention, and TZDs | September 2007

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