What Dal anesthesia residents say about the people

“Our program leadership is extremely supportive and flexible. They will help you achieve your goals regardless of where your needs/interests lie, whether it's medical education, a master’s degree during residency, pursuing a fellowship, taking a maternity/paternity leave, etc.” – Julia Wright, PGY2

“From staff to residents, it feels like one large family. Everyone is there to support one another and help whenever necessary. … You really feel part of a tight-knit group quite quickly.” – Mike Smyth, PYG1

“Having come from away and not knowing anyone in the city, I have felt overwhelmingly supported and welcomed by the residents. Additionally, there is a strong female presence in the group with a majority of women in my year. We meet as a big group regularly, often for a standing weekly drink at a nearby pub or patio.” Katija Bonin, PGY1