What Dal anesthesia residents say about the place

From Katija Bonin, PGY1

“You do not need a car to be a resident in Halifax. North end to downtown is at most 30 minutes (walking). 

“Coming from Ontario, I was surprised by the amount of fog. I am still getting used to it, but I think it is very neat. I love that the nights cool down in the summer. I've also been told to invest in a good raincoat for the winter.

“Nova Scotia is for someone who loves the outdoor. The ocean and beaches, amazing hikes, and lakes are no more than a 20-minute drive out of the city. You can also surf in Nova Scotia. 

“If you are coming from a big city, it can be quite shocking that the racial diversity in Nova Scotia is quite low. Out of every 50 patients, maybe two or three will be a person who is not white. 

“There is quite a big drinking culture in NS, but you are still made to feel welcome even if you don't drink.

“The food in Halifax is very good and they have great options for most cuisines: pub, seafood, Chinese, dim sum, Thai, Indian, sushi, Korean, pho, ramen, and many others. As someone who loves all types of food, this was important to me. While there are fewer choices, the ones that are available are great!”

From Mike Smyth, PGY1

“I came to Dalhousie for my undergraduate degree in 2006 and haven’t looked back. I have grown to love the city of Halifax, the people, and the culture of the Maritimes. The city of Halifax and the province of Nova Scotia have so much to offer, as do the amazingly friendly people who live here.”