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Solid foundation of clinical skills and practice management

As a dermatology resident at Dalhousie, you'll be exposed to the full spectrum of diseases and clinical settings encountered in the practice of dermatology. You’ll also gain a solid foundation of clinical skills and practice management designed to prepare you for your chosen career.

During the first two years of the five-year program, you’ll rotate among various specialties relevant to the study of dermatology, including:

  • internal medicine
  • pediatrics
  • plastic surgery
  • emergency medicine
  • pathology
  • infectious diseases
  • rheumatology

In your final three years, you’ll receive core training in all aspects of dermatology and its subspecialty areas.

Teaching sessions for dermatology residents include:

  • weekly dermatology academic half-days
  • basic science seminars twice monthly
  • monthly journal club
  • monthly book chapter club
  • digital case rounds twice a month
  • monthly dermatology rounds
  • staff or guest speakers 3-5 times per year
  • morbidity and mortality rounds twice per year
  • ethics or other CanMEDS session, 2-3 times per year
  • weekly clinical dermatology seminars
  • weekly dermatopathology sessions
  • consultation teaching rounds
  • practice examinations as scheduled
  • 6-7 teaching clinics per week for each resident

Resident clinics

Our division operates two resident clinics every week—one general resident clinic and one senior resident clinic. During these clinics, you’ll be assigned the care of selected patients. As you build your expertise, your responsibility and patient caseloads will increase.


As a resident, you’ll: