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Our People

A strong multi-disciplinary team

The Division of Digestive Care and Endoscopy is made up of 13 physician subspecialists (11 gastroenterologists and two hepatologists). All division members have academic appointments with Dalhousie University.

Division faculty members devote much of their time to clinical duties that serve the division’s vital role as a regional referral and care service for gastrointestinal and liver diseases. We also dedicate 25 per cent of our faculty time to conducting research and providing education.


Name Academic rank Special interest
Dr. Kevork Peltekian
Division head / service chief
Professor Hepatology
Dr. Ian Epstein Assistant professor  
Dr. Dana Farina Associate professor ERCP
Dr. Steven Gruchy Associate professor  
Dr. Jennifer Jones Associate professor Research
Dr. Donald MacIntosh Professor  
Dr. Sunil Patel Associate professor  
Dr. Geoffrey Turnbull Professor  
Dr. Geoff Williams Associate professor ERCP
Dr. Stacey Williams Assistant professor  
Dr. Wendy Winsor Assistant professor
Dr. Julie Zhu Assistant professor Hepatology

Cross appointments

Name Cross from
Dr. Anthony Otley Pediatrics
Dr. Mohsin Rashid Pediatrics
Dr. Johan Van Limbergen Pediatrics

Adjunct appointments

Name Site
Dr. Sander Veldhuyzen van Zanten
Edmonton, AB
Dr. Desmond Leddin Ireland

Academic only appointments

(Academic rank)
Associated hospital
Dr. Mohammad Al-Karain
(assistant professor)
The Moncton Hospital
Dr. Robert Berger
(assistant professor)
The Moncton Hospital
Dr. Stephanie Carpentier
(assistant professor)
Saint John Regional
Dr. Alan Cockeram
(associate professor)
Saint John Regional
Dr. Hughie Fraser
(assistant professor)
South Shore Regional
Dr. Cory Gillis
(assistant professor)
Saint John Regional
Dr. Muhammad Hossain
(assistant professor)
Miramichi Regional
Dr. Oscar Koller
Dr. Everett Chalmers
Dr. Mark MacMillan
(assistant professor)
Dr. Everett Chalmers
Dr. Lisa McKnight
(assistant professor)
Saint John Regional
Dr. Bruce Musgrave
(assistant professor)
Valley Regional
Dr. Duane Sheppard
(assistant professor)
Dartmouth General
Dr. Chadwick Williams
(assistant professor)
Dartmouth General