Geriatric Medicine Rotations for Residents in Other Programs

Experience in all aspects of geriatric medicine

Core medicine residents

All first-year medicine residents do a four-week rotation on the inpatient geriatrics consult service. This busy consultation service includes comprehensive geriatric assessments, assessment of patients’ rehabilitation potential, cognitive assessment in delirium and dementia, and general geriatric medicine questions.

Second- and third-year core medicine residents can choose to do further elective time with the Division of Geriatric Medicine. Time in the outpatient Geriatric Assessment and Memory Disorders Clinic is a popular choice.

Family medicine residents

All second-year family medicine residents do a two-week rotation on the inpatient Geriatric Assessment Unit (GAU), where they function as senior residents in a front-line clinical role, as well as in a leadership capacity for third-year medical students. Residents in their second-year of family medicine also do two weeks in the outpatient Geriatric Assessment and Memory Disorders Clinic.

All residents on rotation in geriatric medicine participate in noon-time teaching sessions.