Department of Medicine Committees

Supporting the needs of the Department

Awards Committee

The DoM Awards Committee’s role is to recognize excellence in the clinical and academic activities of department members by nominating them for meritorious awards. Where appropriate, the Committee will recommend the creation of new Departmental awards to reward currently unrecognized areas of excellence. The Committee is also responsible for selecting recipients of Departmental education awards. Terms of Reference [PDF - 410 kB]

Applause Committee

This working group was created in 2020 to identify individuals eligible for internal and external awards.

Billing Committee

The Billing Committee is responsible for developing, documenting and communicating billing policies which ensure compliance with MSI requirements and for optimizing efficiency, accuracy and completeness of billing. Terms of Reference [PDF - 85 kB]

Clinical Fellowship Committee

The Clinical Fellowship Committee, started in 2020, to foster the development and training of promising individuals as clinicians in subspecialty areas of Medicine and Internal Medicine following the completion of their residency training program.

Clinical Systems and Innovation Committee

This committee starts in 2020 in conjunction with the Department of Medicine Strategic Plan, Forward Together 2020/2024 which was launched on June 30, 2020. The Department announced that Dr. Jennifer Jones has been selected as the Physician Director of the Clinical Systems & Innovation Committee.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Committee

The DoM Education Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Committee's goal is to help fulfill the educational vision and mission of the Department of Medicine. The CPD Committee specifically will work on the development, implementation, and evaluation of continuing professional development opportunities and programs for faculty members. Terms of Reference [PDF - 145 kB]

Education Committee

The DoM Education Committee’s goal is to fulfill the educational vision and mission of the Department of Medicine. The Committee works to develop, implement and evaluate innovative programs of excellence in undergraduate education, postgraduate education (core Internal Medicine and the specialties of Internal Medicine), continuing education, professional development and medical education research. Terms of Reference [PDF - 185 kB]

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Working Group

In October 2020, a call for membership was sent to all department members (physicians, residents and administrative staff). This group will work together to be champions for diversity and inclusion, review our preliminary data and take a deeper dive into exploring diversity in our department, where the gaps are and what the solutions might look like. This group will also develop the Terms of Reference for a diversity and inclusion committee that will become part of the departmental standing committees for the long term.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of Dalhousie University and Nova Scotia Health Authority Department of Medicine is the leadership forum for the Department. Its prime purpose is to facilitate the aspirations, goals and objectives of the Department as a whole, as well as nurturing its programmes, divisions and individual members. It is the major resource and advisory body to the Dalhousie University Department Head and Nova Scotia Health Authority Department Chief and thus plays a pivotal role in strategic planning, fiscal and other policy development and implementation, together with operational management of the Department.

It provides the forum to ensure appropriate input from, and representation of, the diverse divisions of the Department, together with the various physicians who comprise its membership - discipline leaders, institutional and community-based members.

Further, it is the major formal communication network of the Department to ensure the bi-directional flow of information in a timely, accurate and constructive way between members in the various programmes and divisions and departmental leadership.  Terms of Reference [PDF - 70 kB]

Financial Management Committee

The original Department of Medicine practice plan guidelines established a committee, called University Internal Medicine Clinic (UIMC), to oversee the principles and operation of the practice plan. The committee has been functioning successfully in this capacity since its inception and is currently called the Financial Management Committee (FMC) for internal purposes within the Department of Medicine. Guidelines [PDF - 30 kB]

Internal Medicine Program Directors Committee (IMPDC)

The Internal Medicine Program Directors Committee (IMPDC) of the Department of Medicine is responsible for recommendations to the Department of Medicine regarding various aspects of the Residency Training Programs, including new programs, distribution of the Resident positions and the evaluation of subspecialty training programs. This committee is a key resource to the Department of Medicine in terms of postgraduate medical education. Terms of Reference [PDF - 55 kB]

Internal Medicine Competence Committee

Focus on Competence by Design in Core Internal Medicine.

Internal Medicine Residency Program Committee (RPC)

The Internal Medicine Residency Program Committee (RPC) is to promote and enhance residency education ensuring that it adheres to the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) General and Specialty Specific Objectives, Training Requirements and Standards of Accreditation. Terms of Reference [PDF - 60 kB]

Investment Portfolio Subcommittee (of FMC)

The purpose of the Committee is to oversee the investment of the monies of UIMRF as to provide funding for UIMRF activities. Terms of Reference [PDF - 55 kB]

IT Steering Committee

The purpose of the IT Steering Committee is to provide a forum for:

  • ensuring that the Dept of Medicine provides a clear picture to ITS of its needs as a consumer of IT resources;
  • discussion and resolution of significant IT issues within Dept of Medicine;
  • communication between Dept of Medicine, the Central Zone IT Services Department, and Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine IT Department regarding issues of mutual interest and/or concern;
  • strategic planning regarding IT issues within Dept of Medicine to ensure that each Dept of Medicine member, to the extent possible, is provided with the IT tools necessary to meet their goals for clinical care, education and research;
  • Dept of Medicine members to bring new ideas forward for discussion and, where possible and practical, implementation.
  • Terms of Reference [PDF - 25 kB]

MTU Education Committee

Focus - teaching and education opportunities on the Medical Teaching Unit (MTU) at the Halifax Infirmary.

Nominating Committee

To determine membership of departmental standing committees from nominations received from department-at-large. Terms of Reference [PDF - 20 kB]

PoCUS Committee

This committee focuses on the Point of Care Ultrasound (PoCUS) curriculum.

Promotions Committee (calendar year)

The purpose of the Promotions Committee is to advise the Head of the Department of Medicine whether individual faculty members should be recommended for promotion. Terms of Reference [PDF - 25 kB]

Quality Improvement Steering Committee

Under revision

Research Committee

The Research Committee is a standing committee whose purpose is to advise the Head of the Department of Medicine on all matters related to research. Terms of Reference [PDF - 60 kB]

Resident Research Committee

To promote research activities by core post-graduate medicine trainees in the Department of Medicine. Terms of Reference [PDF - 25 kB]

Risk and Rewards Committee

A departmental Risk and Rewards Committee will oversee the implementation of the Performance Plan.

Simulation Committee

Addresses residency training through simulation activities.

Strategic Planning Steering Committee

A committee focused on the department's strategic plan #ForwardTogether 2020/2024.

Undergraduate Medical Education Committee

The Undergraduate Medical Education Committee (UMEC) of the Department of Medicine is responsible for departmental decisions regarding undergraduate medical education, including the design and delivery of clinical bedside programmes, evaluation of undergraduate students in departmental programs, and the monitoring of all other undergraduate teaching programs in the department and faculty. Terms of Reference [PDF - 40 kB]

Nomination Process

A call for nominations to all department members will be sent in February. Nominations will be accepted either from self-nomination or a nominator. The nominator must contact the nominee so they are aware their name has been put forward. The Nominating Committee meets to review nominations and recommmend individuals for any vacancies. Nominees will be contacted asking for their participation. A final membership list is reviewed and approved by the Executive Committee as well as Department members at the monthly meeting in June.