Awards & Grants


Submissions are closed for the 2024 year. 

The mission of the Global Surgery Office is to advance global surgery research, education and advocacy through international partnership and collaboration. To advance global surgery research within the Department of Surgery, GSO is launching a new pilot grant on rolling basis for residents and staff to support global surgery research with partners in a low- and/or middle-income country. Applicants must outline a one-year pilot project and how this may build into a larger program of research and/or future grant applications.

- Active resident or faculty within the Department of Surgery
- Residents must have at least one-more year of training remaining
- Residents must have a faculty mentor within the Department of Surgery
- Applicants must demonstrate a clear interest or track record in global surgery or its related disciplines 

The award will be transferred directly to the individual physician. Each award is valued at $5000. Please submit the application [207KB] via email to the GSO coordinator.


Travel Grant submissions are closed for the 2023 year. We will resume accepting applications April 2024.

Travel is an essential part of global initiatives. Understanding this critical need, GSO is pleased to announce a new travel grant for residents and staff worth $ 2500. This award is intended to cover the cost of international or local travel for the purpose of research, conference, international electives, service delivery etc. Please submit the application [200KB] via email to the GSO coordinator.

To ensure fairness and broad participation, each applicant may submit only one application per year. Two applications will be selected from April to September and another two from October to March.


For any support request other than the research and travel, GSO encourages you to reach out the GSO coordinator and submit the application [120 KB] via email.


The GSO is committed to providing an environment to support and promote research that has a global lens, including issues of global (national and international) surgical disparity. A core component of the Office’s 5-year strategic plan involves working with the Research Office to generate a greater interest in global surgery research within the Department.
The GSO is excited to announce its annual $500 research award. The award will be presented to the top ranked global surgery / global surgery disparities related presentation at the Department of Surgery’s Research Day.

Eligibility and criteria
Open to all residents as well as undergraduate, graduate and medical students

Submission process
Submissions should follow the DOS Research Day guidelines and deadlines TBA. Abstracts will be scored by the DOS Research Committee and selected for presentation. The top Global Surgery presentation will be judged and awarded on Research Day by a panel.
The successful presentation will:

  • Receive the $500 award
  • Be posted on the GSO website
  • Announced on the GSO Twitter account

ARGO (African Research Group of Oncology) PILOT GRANT

The GSO is proud to support Dr. Chukwuma Okereke’s research project, Immunohistochemical Profiling of Breast Cancer in Nigeria: A national Snapshot as part of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Global Cancer Disparities Pilot Grant. Recipients of this grant are physicians who conduct cancer management research and are working in African Research Group in Oncology (ARGO) member institutions. Dr. Okereke is a General Surgeon, Consultant at the Federal Medical Center (FMC), Owo, Ondo State, Nigeria. Dr. Greg Knapp, Medical Director, GSO, will provide mentorship throughout Dr. Okereke’s project and the GSO Advisory Committee will assist with support wherever needed.