Current projects

Since establishment of the faculty wellness office in September 2020, we have been collecting information to better understand the wellness needs across all departments in the Faculty of Medicine. The following initiatives are being developed to begin to meet these needs.

  • Peer Support Program – target start date of fall 2021
  • Wellness Leadership Program - in partnership with Organisational Psychologists at St Mary’s University 
  • Wellness Education Series including: addressing the 7 drivers of burnout, optimizing methods of feedback, addressing professionalism from a wellness lens 
  • Reflective Rounds to decrease compassion fatigue, address challenging experiences, increase empathy and enhance social support and community at work
  • Wellness Podcast Series

Research in Medicine

We are fortunate to be working with three undergraduate medical students through the Research in Medicine program (RIM) to develop an early interest in and commitment to faculty wellness. Projects currently in development include:     

  • The Role of Stigma as a Barrier to Physician Wellness
  • Assessing the Impact of Reflective Rounds on Dalhousie Medical Faculty Physicians’ Level of Burnout and Professional Fulfillment
  • Investigating, Establishing, and Evaluating a Peer-to-Peer Support Network for Faculty Members within the Faculty of Medicine at Dalhousie University