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Job Posting: Outreach Assistant

Posted by GHO Admin on August 5, 2015 in News

Employment Dates: September 2015 to May 2016
Expected Hours: 10 hours per week
Salary: $10 - $12 per hour (dependent uponeducation and experience)
Location: Global Health Office, Halifax, NS
Application Deadline: Friday September 11, 2015 @ 4 pm

Are you a Dalhousie student who enjoys planning events, engaging on social media and is passionate about global health? If so, the Global Health Office wants to hear from you. Please submit your CV to gho@dal.ca by Sept 11, 2015.

The Global Health Office is a team of health care professionals, educators and managers who work with a network of people and organizations committed to promoting better and more equitable health worldwide through the production and use of relevant knowledge.

The Global Health Office is currently recruiting a student for part time employment.

Job Posting: Outreach Assistant

Major Responsibilities
• Assist with organization of events and activities
sponsored by the Global Health Office, such as speaker
events and our annual open house/town hall.
• Assist with the coordination of the bi-weekly bulletin
• Assist with the coordination of global health programs
• Prepare information for the website and social media
(Blog, Facebook, Twitter)
• Assist in document preparation, background research and
editing of materials with a focus on global health 
• Administrative tasks

Essential Skills
• Good research and writing skills (spelling, grammar and
• Experience with social media
• Background in health, health policy and/or Global development
• Cross-cultural awareness
• Self-motivated and ability to take initiative
• Ability to work independently and part of a team
• Must be a Dalhousie student

Please send your CV and covering letter to: gho@dal.ca