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Global Health Rounds 2015‑2016

Posted by GHO Admin on September 23, 2015 in Events

Date: Wed Oct 21 @ 5-6 pm
Location: Halifax: Tupper G36; DMNB: 221; Miramichi: 3111


Theme: "What in the world is wrong with Global Health?" A discussion of ethics, policy and activism in approaching Global Health

Facilitator: Dr. Robert Huish, Associate Professor, Dalhousie Department of International Development Studies

Dr. Huish’s research explores ways in which social activism can lead to comprehensive development outcomes.  With a focus on global health inequity he examines the role of activism in bringing about improved provision of health care in resource-poor settings. It is well known that while many diseases favour the poor, the ability to treat, and to prevent, illness tends to favour the affluent.  The methods and practices we use build understanding as to why more is not done for the health of the poor, and how we can work towards better health for all.

Who should attend? Faculty, students, staff, educators, health care professionals and community members engaged in global health work.

By the end of the session, you will:

  1. Gain greater knowledge and understanding of global health ethics and activism
  2. Be able to identify peers and colleagues engaged in global health work
  3. Discover new and exciting opportunities to expand your global health exposure

This is a free public lecture series that aims to highlight and discuss the global health activities at Dalhousie as well as contemporary global health challenges with leaders in the field.

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Suggested Reading:

Where no Doctor has Gone Before (by Dr. Huish)

Globetrotting or Global Citizenship (by Rebecca Tiessen and Dr. Huish)