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DME Rounds: Barriers to Citizen and Patient Participation in Health Care

Posted by GHO Admin on April 4, 2016 in Events

Date: Wed. April 13, 2016 @ 12-1pm
Location: Halifax: B-A3, Tupper Building basement level (live)
Saint John: DMNB Room 218 (videoconference)
Moncton: Clerkship Room 1712 (videoconference)
Miramichi: Clerkship Room 3112 (videoconference)

Speaker:  Dr. David Ztiner, MD 

Topic:  Barriers to Citizen and Patient Participation in Health Care

In the spring and fall of 2015 we organized 3 health policy forums. One for the general public, and two for recognized experts from a variety of discipline. The participants included medical practitioners, former civil servants, business people, researchers, policy experts, health care consultants, and academics from philosophy, history and English. Meetings we held at the Halifax Citadel and at the Halifax Central Library on Spring Garden Road.

Despite diverse backgrounds there was unanimous agreement that health reform requires increasing public engagement and participation in health care, and in health policy. There was also agreement on what is necessary to overcome the barriers. Additional meetings are planned for 2016. This presentation reports on the results of our expert and public forums and what the participants are doing to help overcome the barriers.