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Conference on Human Rights in Nova Scotia

Posted by GHO Admin on September 19, 2016 in Events

Date: Friday Dec. 9, 2016 @9am - 4pm
Location: Dalhousie University Collaborative Health Education Building (CHEB C170)

50 Years of Human Rights In Nova Scotia: Reflecting on the Past and Moving Towards a More Socially Just Society.

The Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission was established in March 1967. To mark this 50th anniversary and to further engage Nova Scotians in a meaningful discussion about human rights and issues of equity, the Dalhousie School of Social Work will be hosting this one-day conference! The conference will highlight work from graduate students’ analysis of human rights cases, with panel presentations and posters, in addition to keynote addresses from experts in the human rights field.

For more information please visit the School of Social Work website.