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Service Opportunity: Saving Brains Platform

Posted by GHO Admin on October 25, 2017 in Events

Submission deadline: Nov. 7, 2017

The objective of this Request For Proposals is to contract with Grand Challenges Canada a team of experts (the Saving Brains Platform) that will support the portfolio of innovators in the Saving Brains program. The Saving Brains platform will be expected to accelerate and track the impact of the Saving Brains community of innovators. To do so, the Platform Team will:

  1. Enable individual projects within Saving Brains to work towards and achieve sustainable impact at scale;
  2. Collect lessons and best practices arising from the portfolio of Saving Brains Innovations to improve success of the Saving Brains innovations and disseminate to relevant external decision makers;
  3. Track and disseminate the individual and collective impact of Saving Brains innovations within the community and to relevant external stakeholders.

For more information please visit the Grand Challenges website.