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Two Minutes to Midnight: Can the Crisis in North Korea be Defused?

Posted by GHO Admin on November 8, 2017 in Events

Date: Thurs. Nov. 23, 2017 @ 7PM
Location: Potter Auditorium, Dalhousie University

Attend this public panel discussion about the current crisis over North Korea's nuclear program, and for a preview of the film "Under the Sun".

With support from Global Affairs Canada, and the Atlantic Council for International Cooperation, the IDS Department is offering a series of events about the human security crisis in North Korea.  

The Kim Regime is responsible not only for aggressive nuclear and tactical military aggression, but also for overseeing an alarming human rights crisis in the country.  The United Nation’s Security Council passed Resolution 2371 against North Korea, and sanctions continue mount against the Kim Regime.

The International community continues to condemn North Korea’s military actions, but is there a clear path forward in addressing the North Korean crisis? 

For more information please visit the event's webpage